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“This is what happens when the crap hits the fan, a flurry of green and silver quickly comes barreling down on you. The plan was always to fight one goblin at a time, but as you bring an enemies health down to zero it starts to run. In this case the goblin ran far enough away to agro all his buddies and a six on one fight quickly multiplied into a nine on six fight and they brought on the pain. This wasn't that big a deal for a monk to survive because they could always use their Feign Death skill, then wait for mend to cycle and heal up. In some cases it was also up to the monk to drag the corpses to a safe location.”

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Everquest (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 26/MAR/98
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I just started playing EQ2 and i have to agree, that looks painful. also i like the UI. Also, My main is a Ratonga Monk. =P
Nice, a fellow Monk. I never made it over to EQ2, after like 6-7 years of playing EQ1 I wasn't in the mood to start over, plus all of my guild was still playing the original when EQ2 was released. Regardless I hope your enjoying the game.
I have a Monk on EQ2 as well.
I want to play EverQuest! Are there any games out there that are free, besides Runescape and GuildWars?
I'm getting a bit of an inkling to fire up EQ again, but my PC died ages ago.
@sharpshooterbabe EQ wouldn't be free, but I'm sure if you did a search you would find something similar.
Yeah I know, but I want to find a game out there that is free or less than $15 to pay to play a month. But thanks for the help anyway.

I have played EQ before on their free trial and it was awesome. I will see how much it is.
EQ is pretty much dead, the last time I tried it, the only groups I could find were power leveling groups.

Seems only hardcore raiders still play it.
I wouldn't expect a lot of people to be playing EQ now a days. I'd be very surprised actually, there are just way to many MMO out then.
Used to play Everquest many moons ago, but even if I had not played I still say, "OUCH!!!" lol
Lol. Well I want to get my hands on all the MMO games that I can, especially the free ones. I really don't want to pay for a game unless its at $15 or under $15. Anything more is a no no. But I have play WOW in the past years ago. & I sooooooo want to play it again. That would be the one game I would pay for. I don't want to get addicted to it either, b/c I have obligations.
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