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“Something much bigger then a sand giant. This huge skeleton was roaming the Rathe Mountains. This wasn't a normal exp zone for me so I think I was either traveling to a new location or giving a couple of my guildmates a hand with something. You can also see some particle effects from the spell casting in this image.”

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Everquest (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 26/MAR/98
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Wow, don't remember that at all.

It's so sad now in EQ, all the old zones are empty, never seen again.
my mom plays that game ALOT she is very good at it her name is puresilk or something like that
@EarthboundX that could be a plus or a minus depending on how you look at it. They stopped advertising how many people were playing on each server back when I played. Last number I remember was maybe 2 million people, which is nothing compared to 10 million on WoW. One can only imagine that 2 million has to be in the 100s of thousands now. They are still churning out expansions, so they must have enough people to sustain it.
@brandigurl88 What server does she play on? When I was playing I was on Cazic Thule.
@EarthboundX i think shes on the server castle shadow wolf, something to do with a castle and a dang wolf. lol
If you guys are looking to get back into Eq in a way, I suggest the private server, Shards of Dalaya, it's pretty awesome.

It's not actually EQ, it just uses the engine and the basic gameplay, for a whole new setting and story.


@brandigurl88 I don't even remeber that server, It must have been put up after I stopped playing.
@EarthboundX interesting, a private server. I wasn't planning on it as it wouldn't be the same without my guildmates plus I have a TON of xbox 360 gamesI still need to play. I'll check out the links for though. Thanks for hte heads up.
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